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Product: King Portable Brinell TesterKing Portable Brinell Hardness Tester - The only one on the market that is directly verifiable

Customer: Sivyer Steel
Industry: Steel Casting

Sivyer Steel is located in Bettendorf, Iowa. For 109 years Sivyer Steel has been an industry leader in steel castings that are made specially for each customer’s needs. The most common types of steel Sivyer Steel produces is 8630 and 4330 steel alloys. The steel castings are anywhere between 1-10 inches in diameter and are made for companies in a variety of industries such as, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, energy, and defense. Sivyer Steel also specializes in testing steel armor for the military.

Sivyer Steel has hot and dusty work conditions. But, recently Sivyer installed a dust collector in an effort to keep the work environment cleaner. A cleaner environment is beneficial for the employees and keeps the machinery running in tip-top shape.

Sivyer Steel is an industry leader in steel castings and an advocate for an environmentally-conscious workplace. Leading by example is important to Sivyer Steel and when a slow production process jeopardized delivery commitments, Sivyer Steel knew it needed a change.

The problem:

Sivyer Steel used a Bridge Unit Tester but quickly realized it slowed down production significantly. Like any stationary tester, employees at Sivyer Steel were required to transport extremely large and heavy castings to the tester.

Growing tired of production time and not wanting to risk employee safety, Sivyer Steel looked for an alternative. Sivyer Steel found Telebrineller. Telebrineller is a portable tester but not nearly as accurate as a Bridge Unit Tester. These inaccuracies led to staggered results and put Sivyer Steel’s reputation for high-quality castings at risk.  


Sivyer Steel Director of Operations, Keith Pearl, a former foundry engineer, came across King Tester and realized that no other product can compare. Now Sivyer Steel is able to bring a full 3000 kg load to any test piece, anywhere on the shop floor.

The portability, reliability and versatility was an instant game-changer for Sivyer Steel. Production time decreased and Sivyer Steel does not have any problems keeping delivery commitments. Sivyer Steel is able to maintain its status as a dependable industry leader in steel castings.

Learn how King Tester can help improve your process controls and quality requirements.