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Product: King Portable Brinell Tester

Customer: AFGlobal
Industry: Foundry and Heat TreatingKing Portable Brinell Hardness Tester - The only one on the market that is directly verifiable

AFGlobal Foundry and Heat Treating is a technology and manufacturing company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  It makes products and provides services for many different industries (oil and gas, aerospace, and industrial engineering just to name a few).    

Some of its products and services include forging seamless rolled rings, welding tubular products and pressure valves, heat treating steel and aluminum, and inspections that are certified under ISO-9001 for quality management.  The process to make these products results in an extremely dust and hot work environment that their test machines must be able to withstand.

The problem:

In order for AFGlobal to produce its products and services, it must test the metal hardness of its products.  Accurate and dependable tests are crucial to AFGlobal’s success. It used a bench tester for its Brinell testing but it was flawed. The process was labor-intensive and inefficient.  

AFGlobal employees brought large test pieces to the bench tester.  These test pieces are very difficult and unsafe to move. In addition to inefficiency and safety, the bench tester had a leakage. This leakage makes a mess, but more importantly, the test head is unable to maintain a full dwell time giving undependable and incorrect test results.    


AFGlobal chose the King Portable Brinell Tester because it is lightweight, easy to use and meets ASTM E-10 standards.  Since making the switch, tests have become much safer and more efficient. There are no leakages with the King Portable Brinell Tester, which allows the test head to deliver a full 3000kg test load and maintain a full dwell time.

Because the King Portable Brinell Tester is so lightweight, AFGlobal employees are able to bring it to the test piece.  The King Portable Brinell Tester streamlined AFGlobal’s process, increasing productivity while decreasing production time.

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