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BrinellCase Studies
August 29, 2018

Sivyer Steel

Product: King Portable Brinell Tester Customer: Sivyer Steel Industry: Steel Casting Sivyer Steel is located in Bettendorf, Iowa. For 109 years Sivyer Steel has been an industry leader in steel…

Learn how King Tester can help improve your process controls and quality requirements.

We use our King portable testers on a daily basis in 100 degree heat and freezing cold temperatures at many different angles, even upside down, and the quality and reliability is unmatched.

Antonio Fernandez, Weatherford International

I find it amazing that a device originally designed and patented in 1936 is still the mainstay of hardness testing for most shops. Not many products that are in existence in this day and age like that. True testimony of what a well thought out product it is.

John Rodney, Southwest Heat Treat

I really appreciated the tremendous customer service.

Bill Arenburg, CarlisleIT

It’s the best Brinell tester on the market.

Ken Atwood, Northland Forge Ltd.

KingScope 100 works great.

Tanvir Seehra, Champ Machine and Welding Ltd.

What we love about the King Portable Brinell Tester is the indestructibility, durability and it’s very simple to operate.

Roger Boose, Boose Aluminum