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Product: King Portable Brinell TesterKing Portable Brinell Hardness Tester - The only one on the market that is directly verifiable
Southwest Heat Treat
Heat Treat

Southwest Heat Treat is located in Houston, Texas. It is a North American leader in steel heat treating and provides products and services to a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, energy, agriculture, and medical. Southwest Heat Treat prides itself on making products that fit the specific need of each customer. No product has a deviation unless asked for by the customer.

The working conditions at Southwest Heat Treat are very hot, humid (being located in Houston doesn’t make it any cooler) and dusty.  When you walk in you can expect to see sparks and orange-glowing pieces of steel. You can also expect to see hardness tests and readings done right on the shop floor.      


The pieces of steel Southwest Heat Treat produces are too big to transport to a bench tester.  Southwest Heat Treat needed a way to do accurate tests without risking injury and slowing down the production process.  

Southwest Heat Treat also used a Type-B microscope for its readings.  Type-B microscopes do not give an accurate enough reading for Southwest Heat Treat.  Southwest Heat Treat needed a Type-A microscope for readings out to .01mm.

In order to make the best product possible for customers and uphold shipping commitments, Southwest Heat Treat needed to streamline its production and have the most accurate readings possible.  


Southwest Heat Treat made the switch to the King Portable Brinell Tester and has remained a loyal customer for the 35 years.  Southwest Heat Treat was hooked by the portability and durability of the King Portable Brinell Tester.

Southwest Heat Treat also made the switch over to the KingScan.  The KingScan is an automatic Type-A microscope that digitally records all test results right to a computer or tablet.  Southwest Heat Treat employees use the tablet because it further streamlines the metal hardness testing process by allowing them to store all test results on the shop floor instead of at a desk with a computer.  The durability of the KingScan also made it the ideal option because the employees at Southwest Heat Treat are not afraid to use it right on the shop floor.

The employees bring the tests and readings right to metal, which cuts time and costs for Southwest Heat Treat.  

Learn how King Tester can help improve your process controls and quality requirements.

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