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Product: PortaRock H
Customer: Strato, Inc.
Industry: Rail

Strato, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality rail products, headquartered in New Jersey with locations in New York and China.  The work environment is similar to other factories. It is hot, loud, dusty and filled with heavy-duty machinery.

Strato, Inc. became an industry leader by providing the highest quality products and impeccable customer service.  Every product made by Strato, Inc. adheres to Association of American Railroad requirements and ISO-9001 for quality management.  

Strato, Inc. makes parts for both freight and passenger rail that as long as 10 feet and as heavy as 1200 pounds.  Strato, Inc. makes parts for auto manufacturers as well.


Strato, Inc. used an electronic bench tester for metal hardness tests but transporting the test pieces to the tester slowed production.  The next option was to use a Leeb tester. A Leeb tester is a portable tester but does not have the accuracy of a bench tester. A Leeb does not leave an indention so there is no record of the test and repeatability is highly inconsistent because it uses a rebound force to give an estimate of a hardness.  

Strato, Inc.’s customers raised questions about accuracy of its tests.  These questions slowed the production process because approval processes were stalled.  Strato began its search again for a tester that is portable like a Leeb but as accurate as a bench unit.  


Quality Assurance Manager at Strato, Inc., Gerry Lewis, ultimately decided on the PortaRock H from King Tester.  The PortaRock H allows Strato, Inc. to get accurate, reliable and repeatable tests anywhere – in the lab, on the shop floor and in the field.  Strato, Inc. is no longer bound to a bench tester nor a portable tester that is inaccurate. The PortaRock H has a spring load cell so it is extremely durable, and tests are not affected by dust, heat, humidity, or vibration.  

The accuracy and repeatability of the PortaRock H increased production at Strato, Inc. because transportation and retesting are no longer necessary.  The PortaRock H also helped rebuild trust with Strato, Inc.’s customers. Strato, Inc. is no longer questioned about the accuracy of the tests which speeds up the approval process as well.  

In addition to the benefits of the decreased production time and quick approval process, the PortaRock H is also very simple to use.  Lewis likes that he can show anyone who comes in how it works and they understand (even without any knowledge of hardness testing). He likes showing new people how the PortaRock H has a positive and direct impact on Strato, Inc.

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