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Metal Hardness Testing Made Easy

 We help manufacturers and metal processors across a broad spectrum of industries easily meet their quality standards by providing the right metal hardness testing equipment in the right place at the right time.

For over 88 years, KING has been leading the way in developing high-quality and ruggedly designed portable Brinell Testers and related equipment. Our customers range from the largest most respected companies in the world to small, privately owned, metal processors. 

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Designed, Engineered, and Produced in the USA

KING Tester received the ISO 17025 accreditation from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). All King Tester products are certified and calibrated per ASTM E10 standards.

KING Portable Brinell Hardness Tester – Since 1936

The easiest and most portable hardness tester on the market. Use it in tight spots, right side up, upside down, or sideways!

King Portable Brinell Metal Hardness Testers are the most reliable, easy to use, and affordable portable Brinell testers available and the ONLY portable Brinell testers on the market that are Directly Verifiable. King Portable Brinell Testers are accurate to within 1%, calibrated with traceability to NIST, and certified and calibrated per ASTM E10 standards.

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Core Industries


Advanced alloys in aerospace require hardness testing of the metal to make sure the metal is meeting relevant quality standards and safety regulations.


Hardness testing of metal in the shipping industry is important in order to maintain consistent integrity of the metal and to ensure the longevity of the metal with prolonged exposure to the marine environment.

Oil & Gas

Meeting API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for metal hardness in oil and gas applications is important for quality and safety. Portable metal hardness testers are the “go to” solution for the oil and gas industry.


Railway companies depend on portable metal hardness testing to ensure the quality in longevity and safety for both the track and rolling stock


Foundries producing large metal parts for their customers use portable metal hardness testing to ensure consistency meets customer specifications.


Metal hardness testing in automotive moving and wear parts, such as brakes and transmission parts, is important to ensure the highest performance of metal under stress.


Metal used in infrastructure such as roadways and mass transit requires consistency of the metal being in order to ensure longevity. Portable testing is the answer for the field testing.


Utilities count on metal in their equipment, including transmission towers, pipelines and cooling pipes to meet hardness specifications for longevity and safety. Metal hardness testing ensures performance of the metal.


Military applications of hardness testing ensures military equipment is able to withstand the stresses and challenges confronted when used in the field.


Meeting quality standards in construction relies on appropriate and consistent metal hardness which can be easily tested with a portable metal hardness tester.


Manufacturing metal products requires consistency of metal hardness in order to achieve product specifications and meet customer expectations.

Heat Treating

As metal is heat treated the hardness changes. Knowing the metal’s hardness and maintaining consistency helps heat treating companies meet desired specifications from their customers.