Not all Rockwell testers are created equal. Ernst creates their Rockwell machines with a spring load cell to ensure you have the most durable and precise Rockwell tester in the market. The spring load cell allows the Rockwell tester to withstand even the harshest environments. When confronted with extreme temperature, dust, humidity and environmental vibrations the tester performs at a level of precision that competitors are unable to achieve. When other Rockwell testers chose to cut costs, Ernst maintained its commitment to accurate and reliable results. This commitment to accuracy and durability means minimal repair and service to the tester.

Rockwell Metal Hardness Tester King Tester

DuraRock Testers

DuraRock Testers provide quick and easy Rockwell hardness testing results with the highest accuracy. The DuraRock 130 and 250 provide the unique characteristic of not being influenced by deflections. The DuraRock 250 provides touch screen interface,  fully computerized testing and easy interface to computerized databases (read more).

Rockwell Tester King Metal Hardness Testing Rock3

Rock-3 Testers

Rock-3 Testers is also known as the workhorse of Rockwell testing. The Rock 3 is the introductory Rockwell tester from Ernst and gives you consistent and accurate test results in seconds at an affordable price (read more).

Stage Micrometer

E-Z Rock Testers

E-Z Rock Testers  allow for accurate and quick hardness testing at the surface of complicated mechanisms such as gears. These highly accurate and reliable testers allow you to reach difficult or otherwise inaccessible points where you cannot obtain results with other testers (read more).

Rockwell Metal Hardness Tester PortaRock L


ePortaRock Testers allow you to do Rockwell testing anywhere. The testers are easy to carry and use. It provides highly accurate results with one simple pressure movement.  The ePortaRock L is used on parts that require lower loads and have a more finished surface. The ePortaRock H is best used on products where a higher load is desired in order to achieve an accurate test result (read more).

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