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Product: KingScope and KingScan

Customer: Q Tech
Industry: Heat Treating and Casting

Kingscan Brinell Tester MicroscopeKing Tester Brinell Metal Hardness Tester Kingscope Microscope 2

Q-Tech Heat Treating and Casting uses metal hardness testers at least 100 times a day. They use them on small parts that can fit in your hand and parts that weigh thousands of pounds. Most parts are used oil fields, such as bolts and fasteners. Q-Tech produces large quantities of these parts.

The process of testing and measuring the test results needs to be as efficient as possible. They were using an older microscope but found that it was too large and too bulky to be used efficiently, which in turn slowed down the entire process.

Another challenge was this microscope had accuracy issues as well. The testing and measuring were slowing down production. Q-Tech had to find a better microscope that was easily maneuverable and as accurate as possible.

Q-Tech chose the KingScope, which is accurate to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. They liked the smaller size and sleeker design. The KingScope allowed them to quickly and accurately complete their measurements. The ease of use and accuracy of the KingScope led them to purchase more KingScopes, which they use to measure indentation diameter. Having more KingScopes has allowed Q-Tech to have a microscope readily accessible to not cause backup. They keep their KingScopes on their production floor to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Later down the road, they discovered the KingScan, the automatic microscope that is accurate to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. Since it is automatic, this microscope eliminates all cases of human error introduced when using a manual microscope. They keep this microscope in their lab when measuring smaller batches of products. This is the microscope they show their customers when verifying that their measurements are correct.