Myths Surrounding Ernst by King Rockwell Testers


Fiction: The CaseRock costs too much.

Fact: The CaseRock is an investment.  Effective case depth measurement used to take 45-60 minutes, now the measurement takes one minute and is nondestructive and test pieces do not need to be prepared.  The CaseRock drastically increases efficiency and productivity.

ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H:

Fiction: The ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H do not adhere to ASTM E-18 standards.  

Fact: No portable Rockwell tester adheres to the ASTM E-18 standard but it does adhere to ASTM E-18 indirectly as a Rockwell tester.  

Fiction: I cannot have a ePortaRock L or ePortaRock H because I cannot have Bluetooth technology in my workplace

Fact: While the new ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H are Bluetooth, there is another model that does not utilize Bluetooth.  

Fiction: There is no way a tester as small as the ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H can have the same accuracy as a bench tester.

Fact: This might be true in some cases, but the ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H are designed and built to deliver a test that has the same accuracy as a bench unit.

Fiction: The Leeb tester is just as good.  

Fact: The Leeb does not leave an indentation so there is no reliability or repeatability.  The Leeb uses force of a rebound to give a ballpark estimate of the hardness. The ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H are superior units with a spring load cell, which is the most accurate and durable load application.  

Fiction: The ePortaRock L and ePortaRock H do not meet the standard because they are unable to deliver a 100kg load.

Fact: The ePortaRock H delivers a 100kg load. The ePortaRock H carries load requirements for all Rockwell scales lower than Rockwell C.  The ePortaRock L is designed to deliver a 5kg load to accommodate softer metals.

Ernst by King Pins:

Fiction: It is not as accurate as other pins on the market.

Fact: KingPins are 3-4x more accurate than the competitor.

Fiction: Ernst by King Pins are not standard to the HB scale.

Fact: Ernst by King Pins come with a reference sheet to the HB scale.

Fiction: I am not strong enough to operate the Ernst by King Pin hammer. 

Fact: The King Pin hammer is very easy to operate and operator strength is not a factor for an accurate reading.