King Accessories

Simplify and Customize Your Metal Hardness Testing

Brinell Testers King Tester Stroke Limiter

Stroke Limiter

The Stroke Limiter prevents potential damage to the pump segment by limiting the travel of the pump handle.

Brinell Testers King Tester Accessory External Calibration

External Calibration Assembly

The External Calibration Assembly allows you to calibrate your tester without accessing the oil system, potentially contaminating the mechanism or losing any necessary oil.

Brinell Testers King Tester Accessory Bleeder Valve

Bleeder Valve

The Bleeder Valve helps you eliminate potential damage to the test head by removing air infiltration while keeping the head attached to the base.

Brinell Testers King Testers Accessory Ball Adapter

5/2.5 mm Ball Adapter

The 5/2.5mm Ball Adapters are for use in low pressure testing and often used for tool steel and parts where a small impression is desired.

King Tester Brinell Metal Hardness Tester Inside Pipes Harness Test Anvil

Adapter to reverse direction of load

The interchangeable anvil allows you to test inside pipes and other interior hard-to-reach places.

King Tester_Brinell Tester_Metal Hardness Tester_Bleeder Valve

dapter to hold standard test head upright without base

This adapter holds the test head upright and is ideal for drill presses, boring mills and beams.

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