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23 Years with King Tester

In July, King Tester celebrated 23 years of Bill’s contribution to manufacturing and repairing King Portable Brinell Testers.  Bill is King Tester’s production manager, shipper extraordinaire and tagline specialist – a true King Tester renaissance man.

Over the course of the last 23 years, Bill has seen just about everything and anything that can be done to a King Portable Brinell Tester and its face.  Bill is as enthusiastic about King Portable Brinell Testers today as he was when he started. “Andrew King saw a need 80 years ago for a portable Brinell tester and if someone found a better way to bring the Brinell testing to you, they would have done it by now,” said Bill.  

King Tester meticulously keeps track of every interaction it has with every tester – whether it be through physical forms like when Bill started or electronically in today’s digital world.  Bill has seen over 6,000 King Portable Brinell Testers leave King Tester’s doors in his 23 years.

When properly cared for and maintained, the King Portable Brinell Tester lasts for decades and is the ultimate workhorse for Brinell testing in many industries including oil and gas, foundries, defense, aerospace, automotive, heat treaters, rail and many more.  

“The fact that King products are such a small but important part of our manufacturing world and help to build so much infrastructure is really incredible,”  Bill said, “Our customers can’t do what they need to do and build what they need to build without these King products. So it is pretty cool to be a crucial cog in the wheel.”            

With King Tester’s ISO-17025 certification, it carries on a long tradition of over 80 years of commitment to the highest quality testers on the market.  Bill is very passionate about Daily Verification, “It is the only way to get a real depiction of its accuracy and reliability. It is essentially like backing up your computer.”  Daily Verification and yearly Indirect Verification increase the longevity of your King Portable Brinell Tester’s accuracy, reliability and durability.

King Tester continues to be the crown jewel for metal hardness testing.   King Tester recently introduced its new KingScope100™, an ASTM Type A reader and innovation in Brinell indent reading.  King Tester offers a wide range of metal hardness testing equipment and related products to customers.