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Brinell Testing for Large Parts

Often large metal parts require Brinell testing to confirm the hardness of the metal and these large parts can prove to be a significant challenge when testing for the hardness.  A large part, by its very nature, is difficult to reach and difficult to test. Portable testers can be very helpful in testing large parts because they provide the flexibility to be able to test the part where it is located instead of having to move the part to the location of the tester. However, some large parts can be difficult to test even with the use of portable testers. Quite often this is a result of the accessibility of the test location.

Large parts might include pipes where the desired test location is not readily accessible from the edge of the pipe. Large castings may also require testing in locations which cannot be accessed when using the standard base.

Our Solution

To address this challenge, King Tester has developed a specialized base to allow the tester to be used in the desired location for round parts. One of the special bases which is particularly versatile we refer to as the King Tester Chain Adapter. This special base allows the flexibility to move the test head into the base which can then be easily adapted through the use of a chain to test large round parts at the desired location.

There is no practical limitation to the length of chain which can be used and therefore with the King chain adapter base, the test head is switched to the chain adapter to be able to test even the largest round parts in locations as desired.

Perform a Regular Brinell Test

The King Tester test head used with the King Tester Chain Adapter base allows the user to place a full load (up to 3000 kg force) onto the large round part in the desired testing location.  There are no compromises in the accuracy or precision of the results from the tester when used in conjunction with the King Tester chain adapter.

You can be certain when you use the King Portable Brinell hardness tester in conjunction with the King Chain Adapter Base that you are conducting a test which fully conforms with ASTM standards.

Improve your Brinell Testing

King Tester works with customers on a daily basis to help them meet their testing needs. For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 610-279-6010.

Check out the King Tester Chain Adapter